Letter from Los Angeles Community Garden Council

Dear Friends,

I’m reaching out to the LACGC community during this time of crisis because we need your help.

The COVID-19 pandemic is threatening our communities at a level we have never seen before.  Many of our community gardeners were already struggling to make ends meet and relying on the produce from their gardens to feed their families.

Today, a community gardener called me to say that he had lost his job.  He asked if he could postpone payment of his garden plot dues of $15.00 per month until he finds new work.  Another gardener asked whether LACGC could advance him funds to buy bars of soap so that he and his fellow gardeners could keep up with current health recommendations.

At the Fountain and Solano Canyon community gardens, urban farmers are stepping up to grow more healthy, organic produce to help those who are most vulnerable to food insecurity, homelessness, and sickness survive this emergency. 

“I’m planting many summer crops right now.  People are going to need this food in a few months when they have to catch up on their rent and pay their medical bills.” – Jamie, Garden Leader, Solano Canyon Community Garden
LACGC has helped communities become more resilient for more than 20 years. We were there for gardeners during the last recession.  We have been there for individual gardeners in times of hardship.  And we will not fail our gardeners at this unprecedented time – but we need your help.

Will you make a gift today to ensure that our gardeners can buy more soap, pay their plot dues for the next few months, and grow more produce to share with the wider community during this public health pandemic?  Please visit www.lagardencouncil.org to learn more and donate.
We hope that you and yours remain healthy and thank you for your support.

Julie Beals
Executive Director
Los Angeles Community Garden Council


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