Busy bee


by Dan Fujiwara

We have experienced some very unseasonal cool weather. This may beginning to change to some hot weather as we transition into Summer. Here are a few tips to prepare for possible hot days.
  1. MULCH! Adding a good 2-4 inches of a semi-chunky mulch which will hold moisture in the soil, keep the soil cool in the day, keep the soil warm in the night and reduce the growth of weeds.
  2. Always water the beds deeply. Give the soil a good soaking to penetrate down deep into the soil. You want to get down to the roots. Water deep and not as frequent. Do not water lightly and often, you will only be wasting water.
  3. Water early in the morning or later in early evening. Morning, before there is direct sunlight in the garden is best. In the early evening can be problematic since the moisture and cool night is ideal for fungal diseases
  4. Come to the Gardens on Sundays(SW/S) for free One Hour Workshops from 10am to 11am.
  5. Come to the Gardens on Wednesdays for SW/S, Sustainable Wednesdays/Sundays, for our open garden days and volunteer opportunities.

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